Set up needed to allow students to access their lecture timetable

Please find the list of assets below which are needed in order to give students access to their lecture timetable.

  • Class in the "class in progress" state with students
  • Lecturer accounts
  • Courses on class study plan template
  • Student transcripts
  • Sessions on the calendar
  • Registered students for the units

If you haven't already please have a look at the glossary


Class in the "class in progress" state with students

To change the state class go to General Settings > Programmes & Classes. Profiles can be added to the Student, enrolled state by importing a list of their emails into the class and selecting the Student, enrolled state.

Creating lecturer accounts

To create lecturer accounts simply go to the Lecturers drop down option underneath Academic Services on the main navigation bar. Lecturer accounts are needed when creating units on the calendar.


Adding courses to the class study plan template

You can define all of the courses on a class in the study plan template of a class.

To access the study plan template go to the class page in the Programmes & classes drop down on the main navigation bar and then access the study plan template tab on the far right.


First if you have any course categories then add these and then add the courses to the study plan template. If the courses you are trying to add do not already exist then you need to got the Courses list to create the course from the Courses drop down option underneath Academic Services. These courses consist of just a name and a code. Since the studies of the course can change between different programmes and classes, it is inside the study plan template of classes where you define information such as the number of credits for the course.


Creating transcripts for the students

To create the transcripts for the students you need to go to each student profile and go to the class sidebar and click on the button as in the screenshot below.


Adding sessions to the calendar

To view the calendar go to the Academic Years & Terms option in the Academic Services drop down. Then click on the relevant Academic year and term and then click on the calendar to add a session.

Registering students for the units

To register students for a unit click on the unit in the left sidebar of the calendar and then click on the Register tab.


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