Setting up a LinkedIn "application" and Applying to become a LinkedIn Partner

By default LinkedIn only allows you to retrieve the latest professional experience entry of an applicant who syncs with LinkedIn.

If you become a LinkedIn partner LinkedIn will allow you to retrieve all of the experience entries from LinkedIn.


Creating an "application"

In order to apply for the partnership you must first create an "application" (this in the technical sense) with LinkedIn. To do this please follow the steps below:

  1. Follow this link - - this will require you to log in to LinkedIn
  2. Click on the "create application" buttonDeveloper_LinkedIn.png
  3. Fill out the form and on the "Application use" question please select "Education training certification".


Now that you've created your application go to the application and add the following URLs, replacing the XXX text with your own fullfabric URLs, into the Authorized Redirect URLs input underneath OAuth 2.0


Once you've added this please send the Client ID and Client Secret to FULL FABRIC client success and we will activate your LinkedIn sync for you.


Partner Program Application Form

Once you've created an "application" you can then apply to become a LinkedIn partner.

To apply to become a LinkedIn Partner you must complete the following form -

  • Please select the following answers for the following questions on the form:
  • What are you requesting access to? - Professional productivity
  • What stage is your application currently in? - Live
  • What is your app's use case? - Universities
  • What would you build with the APIs or throttles that is missing today? - undecided
  • Where will it appear? - your FF portal URL
  • Describe the audience. Who is or will be using this application? - Applicants, students and alumni for our university
  • What data do you need from LinkedIn? - Professional and academic experience entry information
  • Enter the single API Key for which you're requesting access - this is the API key from your "application"

LinkedIn's Business Development team will review all applications and will endeavour to respond to you within 15 days.

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