Source Overview - capturing where profiles came from

Source allows you to capture how profiles entered FULL FABRIC. This is useful for informing your marketing activities and analysing which sources are giving you the best ROI by contributing the most to your enrolled students, submitted applications and started applications.

Source currently consists of two pieces of information: the source method and the source category.


Source method

The source method is the method through which the profile was created in FULL FABRIC. These methods are fixed and are as follows:

  • API
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Import
  • Sign Up
  • Staff


Source category

The source category is a list of options that you can define. Please speak to FULL FABRIC support if you would like to make any changes to the list.


Assigning the source category

For each source method it is possible to assign the source category when the profile is created.

For forms and events it is possible to set a "Default source category" so that any profiles which are created by submitting the form or event registration form will be assigned to the default source category selected.


It is also possible to set up a default source category for prospects who sign up themselves, please contact FULL FABRIC support  to set this up.

For imports and staff individually creating profiles there is an input for the source category.


Analysing source through reports

The source of profiles can be analysed by viewing the reports of source that are available in the reports module. There are currently two graphs available which allow you to review the number of profiles created through each source method and attributed to each source category.


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