Form integration

Your form is available at the address below. Note that this is a live form and will send notification emails to the supplied address if notification emails are enabled for this form.
The endpoint details are as follow:
endpoint: https://*
type: POST
dataType: JSON
A token is required to POST to this endpoint:
key: external_domain_token
value: :token
The form accepts the following fields:
Label Key name Validation
First name data[first_name] required field
Last name data[last_name] required field
Email address data[email] required field
Phone number data[phone_number] required field
Response codes
200 (OK) – the request was successful. A message is returned and you can choose to use it as the 'thank you' message in your form. Here is an example JSON response:
{"message": "Thank you for submitting the form. You will be getting an email soon"}
406 (Not acceptable) - The request was unsuccessful, probably due to invalid data, i.e. missing data for a required field. Note that the JSON response will include error messages per field. Here is an example JSON response:
{"forms/form": {"submissions":["is invalid"]},"forms/submission":{"first_name":["can't be blank"],"last_name":["can't be blank"],"email":["can't be blank"],"phone_number":["can't be blank"]}}
401 (Unauthorized) - this request is unauthorised. This can happen for two reasons.
'This entity does not allow requests from external domains.' – The form has not been set to allow POSTing from an external domain.
'A valid token is required' – the external_domain_token was missing or not valid.
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