Designing your admissions lifecycle

Today’s prospect students do their preliminary research online and therefore consume a lot more content in an ever-expanding number and variety of channels. Prospective students are online, in social channels, on YouTube, attending recruitment events, and evaluating options on their iPads and smartphones. Understanding the prospects’ journey across these touch-points is essential to the success of your marketing activities.

Designing your admissions lifecycle will help you understand the progression of steps a prospect goes through before they actually become a student enrolled. Each step represents a single or group of actions that need to be taken in order to complete that specific phase of the admission process and move to the next one. This will help you understand your prospective students better, and make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviours and concerns at each stage of the lifecycle. 

An admissions lifecycle needs to include the the following steps:

  • Initial Contact
  • Qualification
  • Application
  • Review
  • Interview
  • Enrolment

The example above can be a useful starting point, however, to make it work for your business you’ll want to identify how each stage plays out with your prospects. In particular, you’ll want to define the trigger that opens each stage, and pinpoint the various activities that can help influence entry to the next stage.

Prospect New

Trigger: Customer that downs an initial interest in your school/programme. This can be done via a landing page, attending a recruitment fair, calling the admissions team…

Prospect Started Application

Trigger: Prospect confirms that they’re genuinely interested in your school/programme by showing a commitment to taking the next step and start working on their application

Applicant Submitted

Trigger: Prospect becomes an Applicant submitted as they have officially submitted an application to your school/programme

Applicant Interviewed:

Trigger: Prospect has been through the interview stage.

Applicant Admitted or Rejected:

Trigger: Prospect has been sent an admission/rejection letter.

Applicant Accepted or Declined:

Trigger: Prospect has accepted or declined your admission offer.


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